Sealcoating can double the life of your asphalt by, slowing oxidation and damage from the suns rays and preventing water from penetrating, leading to failure. Enhance your curb appeal with a deep matte black finish that's oil resistant and made with rubber and sand that provides a far less "slippery when wet" surface and better foot traction for pedestrians.This costs pennies when compared to replacing unmaintained asphalt.

 TLD Pavement Services offers both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL SEALCOATING SERVICES to suit your specific needs.

From your driveway to your business parking lot we have can do it all. Protect your investment and save future costly repairs by sealing your asphalt today!

 We prep your asphalt before application to ensure proper adhesion and maximize the life of the sealer. TLD recommends any cracks be repaired prior to having your asphalt sealed and these services are available through our company. Crack repair not only seals out water to ensure the maximum life of your asphalt but also gives your asphalt much better curb appeal.