TLD Pavement Services prepares your asphalt driveway by cleaning out cracks and edges of any dirt or growth that may be present. We always seal our driveways by brushing the sealer on thick never spraying to ensure a proper bond between the sealer and the asphalt. 

TLD Pavement Services Line Painting starts off by blowing the area clean and chalking the spaces to keep your lines straight. We offer single, double and triple coat options. We use Highway Grade Traffic Marking Paint which dries in 10 - 15 minutes after application to get your lot back open to traffic as soon as possible. 

TLD Pavement Services provides al your asphalt paving needs, from small patches to Driveways and Parking Lot Paving, we can do it all.

We first remove the old asphalt, grade, add gravel where needed and compact the sub-base. We only use new Asphalt to ensure your getting the best and longest lasting asphalt surface. 

TLD Pavement Services can make your Concrete Pads for your sheds, Patios, Sidewalks and Driveways Call or fill out a form to receive your free quote

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