Sparying oil sealer on driveway
Line Painting dock lines
Standard or Premium Driveway and Parking Lot Sealcoating

 Sealcoating can double the life of your asphalt by, slowing oxidation and damage from the suns rays and preventing water from penetrating, leading to failure. Enhance your curb appeal with your choice of Premium or Standard sealing options.
 Jet Black H2O is a water-based sealer with a deep matte black finish that's oil resistant and provides a far less "slippery when wet" surface and better foot traction for pedestrians, lasts up to 3 times longer than Standard sealer and also makes snow removal easier in the winter. Dry time to touch is very quick and cures to park on it only 24 hrs. The Surface is cleaned and the sealer is brushed on thick, as in the video above you can see the process. Premium sealer also includes 1 free tube of crack filler with application, additional crack work can be done for $20.00 per tube of filler. We also have a commercial Hot-Melt filler option if needed.
Jet Black is an oil based sealer that penetrates the surface to form a flexible bond that decreases the likelihood that contraction and expansion throughout the winter months will result in cracking. Oil-Based driveway sealers are petroleum-based products that combine asphalt rejuvenators, or asphaltic chemicals, in an oily suspension. Oil-based sealers have a longer cure time than the premium water-based and an odor may linger for a short time after application. The process for this sealer is to clean and prep the surface, tape off surrounding curb/stone work, and then to spray the surface with the sealer, it will have a shiny or wet appearance until sealer has cured (approx. 1-2 weeks)


Glass Beads

Crosswalks                         New Layout

No Parking/Fire Lane         Paint over existing

Light Posts                         Single or Double Coat  

Line Painting

 We offer a variety of marking services to suit your individual needs.

Such as:


Parking stalls                



Speed Bumps


Stop Bars 


Custom Stencils  

Handicap Symbol                    



Pothole and Patching

 Patching and Pothole Repair is a minor expense when compared to complete Asphalt replacement. If a Pothole is left untreated the size of the hole will quickly spread around itself as well as allow a great amount of water into the sub-soil compacted below the asphalt, causing even more damage and adding to the cost to fix. 

Crack Repair

 Crack sealing is the most cost effective asphalt maintenance procedure. All cracks big or small can turn into huge problems in no time at all. Water penetrates the asphalt and leads to deterioration and eventually complete failure. This can be avoided along with costly repairs by having cracks sealed when they appear. Our process involves cleaning the crack with a wire wheel edger, blowing any debris left away and, sealing with a hot melt crack sealer that will provide a flexible and durable bond with the asphalt. 

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