Sealcoating can double the life of your asphalt by, slowing oxidation and damage from the suns rays and preventing water from penetrating, leading to failure. Enhance your curb appeal with a deep matte black finish that's oil resistant and provides a far less "slippery when wet" surface and better foot traction for pedestrians.This costs pennies when compared to replacing asphalt. 
TLD Pavement Services offers both RESIDENTIAL and 
COMMERCIAL SEALCOATING SERVICES to suit your specific needs. From your driveway to your business parking lot we can do it all. Protect your investment and save future costly repairs by sealing your asphalt today!

We offer a variety of marking services to suit your individual needs. 

Parking stalls, Curbing, Crosswalks, New Layout,

No Parking/Fire Lane, Light Posts, Numbering, Speed Bumps,

Lettering, Stop Bars, Arrows           Handicap Symbol           

 Crack sealing is the most cost effective asphalt maintenance procedure. All cracks big or small can turn into huge problems in no time at all. Water penetrates the asphalt and leads to deterioration and eventually complete failure. This can be avoided along with costly repairs by having cracks sealed when they appear. Our process involves cleaning the crack with a wire wheel edger, blowing any debris left away and, sealing with a hot melt crack sealer that will provide a flexible and durable bond with the asphalt. 



TLD Pavement Services Is a Professional Residential and Commercial asphalt maintenance company. Over the last decade we have been providing asphalt maintenance and striping services across southern Ontario and strive to do the best service possible. Our goal is to create a safer and more appealing surface for our customers as well as yours, that will stand up to the elements and last. Our service area includes the Greater Toronto and surrounding area.​ We provide Asphalt maintenance and repair services for commercial and private parking lots, schools, churches and residential driveways. Asphalt sealcoating, crack filling, pothole repair and striping are our specialties for restoring and extending the life of your asphalt investment.






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